Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The CBC can kiss my black ass

And Stephanie Tubbs could drown in my crack.

Yes, she is still numero uno on my hit list.

From the Huff Post:

Barack Obama's endorsement of a white incumbent facing a black primary challenger has disappointed some members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who are wondering whether he will support them in their primaries.
Last month, the Illinois senator surprised many political observers by endorsing centrist Rep. John Barrow (D-Ga.) in Tuesday's primary against state Sen. Regina Thomas.
Read the whole story here.

My Response:

Are these the same Lilly-livered colored cowards of the CBC who by and large refused to step out and strongly support the primary candidacy of Barack Obama?

Are these the same triangulating, self-serving Negroes who bet on the white woman from Arkansas when there was an actual viable candidate of color who differed negligibly in policy?!!!


Really? Is it now? you know what? I'm tired of us pretending there has ever been some kind of broad swath of racial solidarity in the black community. black preachers undermined King, black folks shot Malcolm, and black slaves turned in runaways regularly. This man owes these weak willed politicians NOTHING!!!! I am so glad he won without them because now he is not beholden to any of them. He gets to choose who he will support, just like most of them chose.

They don't get to play the "brother where art thou" card now. Oh no, my "brothers and sisters". Call Bill and Hillary and ask them for an endorsement. I'm sure they owe you one.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The dap heard 'round the world

I lived to see it

This night is not about Hillary losing her quest for the nomination. This night is not about the corpse that is John McCain practicing his Toastmaster speaking project on C-Span.

This is about a man who made possible the improbable. This is about the best this country, indeed, this world has to offer. This is about reclaiming the American spirit of ingenuity, intellect and vision.

This is about Barack Obama and those of us whose hopes and dreams he embodies.

This is about a man who bested lifelong politicians and entrenched machines and every "ism" known to man.

This is about tomorrow, today.

This election is about us, and this moment is about the man who delivered to those of us who believe an opportunity to hope and matter again.

Thank you, Barack and Michelle.

Friday, May 23, 2008

To Sir, With Love

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to share your thoughts with DNC Chairman Gov. Howard Dean, fill out this form at Democrats.org:http://www.democrats.org/page/petition/chairman/fcnsny


My take:

Mr. Dean:I like to think myself more eloquent, but in this matter I find that direct works best. Should the Democratic party allow Sen. Clinton to destroy this party, I will actively campaign to divest this party of its most faithful constintuency - African-American voters. This from a woman who has voted in EVERY election, big and small since she voted for Bill Clinton in her first contest.

Sen. Clinton has undermined, marginalized, disrespected and outright diminished black voters in this campaign. She is allowed to run, but this is my party too, sir. I'm one of those locals who talks policy with my neighbors, volunteers at polling sites and encourages participation. Do not take lightly my commitment to this endeavor.

After today's news cycle with a begrudgingly apologetic Hillary Clinton explaining away her reference to "assasination", I should hope you would do everything possible to retain the integrity of this party. If you do not, this party will never get another dime or ounce of energy from me. And I will not stop there. I will actively campaign against this party.

Black voters - all voters - deserve greater leadership from this party. The Clintons may well be a dynasty, but Hillary is not bigger than the party. In fact, without the party - and its black voters - there are no Clintons. Mayhaps that is what you should be telling Sen. Clinton right about now.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Don't talk about it, be about it

That's what I did.

I phonebanked, raised money, canvassed, blogged and all-around did all I could to get out the NC vote for Barack Obama.

Leading up to the contest I was under a self-imposed media ban. I could not take it. If one more white guy told me about the intricate workings of the African American's voter's mind I was going to put a hit out on somebody. So, it was best that I turn it off.

But, now the real race is on and I've got some stuff to get off my chest.

Let's start with the Mammy Bitch Award. Yes, I said it, but don't be mad at me for calling it, be mad at Stephanie Tubbs Jones for making it true.

I understand that for some of the black "leaders", the safe bet seemed to be with the white woman. I did not call anyone out for being a traitor or any such foolishness *cough* Maxine Waters *cough*, because I have respect for colored people as individuals. But, Stubby and all those gums went too damn far. Every time I turned around there she was, allowing herself to be trotted out as the "black supporter" with all those black gums and loud guffaws and inane chatter and ridiculous soundbites. She made me want to pick cotton and shuck corn. She did it all - from repeating, verbatim, the Clinton spin regardless of how ridiculous it sounded to muttering, in all seriousness, jewels like, "I'm gonna ride with Hillary to the end! That's what politics is about, having your friends' back!"

No, you dumb bitch, politics is actually about the will of the people. You know, those minions who made you relevant. I don't know what HIllary promised you in exchange for your dignity and your soul, but I hope it's worth it for you. I would caution, however, that they say one can never come home again because it's true.

Whew. I'm feeling better already.

Now, let's talk about "bitter" and Hillary's base.

Apparently you can't tell the truth in American politics. Obama did not create the idea that poor, uneducated, disenfranchised citizens tend to be more religiously devout and distrustful of "high-faluting" concepts and those who espouse them. In fact, that little nugget of truth has made the Republican party the Republican party. These are the voters who rely more on "gut" feelings than reasoned logic, thus, they have been more susceptible to the political leaders who convince them to vote against their own personal best interests.

Their existence is pretty well-documented. Obama did not create them. Quiet as it's kept he comes from them - why do people keep forgetting his white grandparents? So, there was no malice in the statement, only an example of his understanding of that part of the electorate.

HRC, on the other hand, has called her supporters everything but the Klan, but she is considered more viable by "blue collar workers." To date, she has noted her supporters are "less educated", "low wage earners" and my favorite "low class, hardworking whites". Cause, you know, us coloreds ain't never done a lick of hard work. Thus, the building of the white house and the industrial revolution, but I digress. The fact that these folks don't mind a woman who went to blue blood schools, married up and has amassed a fortune in excess of $100 million condescending to them can ONLY be attributed to the fact that she is white.

Which is cool. People can vote on whatever basis they want.

But, I find it important to point out that the white vote is an endangered species. We have maybe two more elections before the white vote becomes the minority vote. At that time does the Democratic party really want to be known as the party of poor, uneducated whites? We now stand at a juncture in history that allows us, for once, to get out front ahead of change. In an increasingly diverse, multi-cultural country with diverse interests but one common interest - the security and viability of America - doesn't it seem odd to anyone else that HRC would hang her hopes on a dying constituency?

And while I'm at I feel it necessary to say I never hated Hillary.

I wasn't going to vote for her, but I did not hate her.

But then she went and did what is, for me, the unforgivable.

No, it's not that she wrote-off the black vote or allowed Bill to condescend to us, even as he tried to bully us into voting for her.

It's not that she made the old school mistake of underestimating the black guy.

It's not even that she lied about her experience and overstated her record.

Nope, Hillary shot the shit with me when she voted against the hope that America has changed for the better.

See, Hillary's campaign makes perfect sense if we were still the emotionally-driven, divided electorate of the past.

Hillary took a hard, jaundiced look at America and figured we would need a woman President to ease us into a black President. She figured she could play the numbers, blues against reds, educated against uneducated, black against white, and build the kind of numbers that have always been amassed - enough to win.

She never accounted for the American people growing wise to political pandering, the destructiveness of racial politics and our distaste for disingenuiness.

She did not count on an electorate that has, finally, gotten hip to the divide and conquer strategies of the past.

That is, to me, unforgivable. And that's why I will not vote - as much as it pains me - before I will vote for HRC, for anything, ever.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Check the visual

Who in their right mind thinks 70 year old, pin armed, cancer riddled John McCain stands a chance against Barack Obama?The Republicans don't. Only 22% of REPUBLICANS believe John McCain can beat Barack Obama.I mean, seriously, McCain literally - no jokes - doesn't stand the greatest chance of PHYSICALLY running a presidential race, much less a full term. Have you SEEN John McCain?

Look at your granddaddy and subtract five years of usefulness and add a track record of bad health and that's John McCain.Then see Barack skip up on stage all long limbs and casually slim stance, wrinkle free skin and robust basketball playing. Then put his naturally tanned, healthy, tall, slim, attractive self beside John McCain and his notoriously bad temper in a national debate and call the political coroner.